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              Product Catalog

              ZL10catena Microcirculation detector

              ZL104 microcirculation detector(Multi-function and multi-part power-operated lift type)
              Date posted 2011-6-13 Source Zhonglian Medical Instrument View count 2190

                     ZL104 multi-function and multi-part microcirculation detecor series uses the most advanced international continuous variable technology processing system,which is improved from the based fixed multiples,combined with image processing technology of computer,integrating the CCD digital imaging technology and the optical microscopy techniques.It widens sphere of vision and
               makes the observation of the microcirculation more and more convenient and efficient which is in favour of observing the microscopic changes of microcirculation.The doctors can observe the dynamic microcirculation iamge from the monitor or the computer screen and then collect the microcirculation image and record microcirculation dynamic video through computer processing system.Meanwhile,we can 
              do the image processing,the microcirculation index measurement and analysis,the microcirculation weighted integral analysis and print elegant graphic analysis report.It also has professional medical records management system which is convenient for storage, inquiry, print, backup and statistics.It is the newest microcirculation detector.

                     It is widely used in the observation of microcirculation in medical institutions, clinical laboratory, and health care field.Medical colleges use for animal microcirculation observation such as the observation of animals'' mesenteric, fins, ears to study the changes of physiological pathology.Clinical laboratory use for human microcirculation observation such as the observation of human''s nails and the related parts,eyeball conjunctival, lips, and tongue to study the micirculatory changes(Changes of capillaries, blood flow).It is widely used in observing micirculatory chages of various cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis to guide the clinical medication and treatment of prognosis.It can realize early diagnosis, clinical care and indicate the treatment effect.

              Technical parameters:
              It breaks the limits of traditional microcirculation microscope fixed multiples,having double variable focal length objective,with consecutively variable,more broad view,more clear image and more third dimension.
              Long working distance,the objective is as long as 4 cm which is easy to adjust,replaces the original 1cm working distance.
              The angle of optical fiber can be adjusted freely,and the holder of the optical fiber can turn 180 degrees around the objective.
              Handwheel of focus can adjust tightness.
              The objective can realize continuous variable,the variable times rate is 1:6.5.
              The scope variable times of the objective 2X13X
              The adjusting range of Eyepiece55-75mm
              Import high resolution digital CCD camera,above 540 line.
              Microcirculation software with independent intellectual property rights, have software certificate and the software copyright certificate.
              Head can turn 360 degrees.
              Visual accommodation:5
              The working way of head : horizontal and vertical
              The range of Lateral movement30mm
              The range of Vertical movement20mm
              Mercury lamp220v 125w
              Halogen tungsten lamp12v 50w 
              Axial flow fan220v 18w
              Fiber bundle6mm   Light transmittance70%

              Use for human microcirculation observation such as the observation of human''s nails and the related parts,eyeball conjunctival, lips, and tongue and also anilmals''microcirculation observation.
              The system has been installed with nailfold microcirculation software, conjunctival microcirculation software and animal microcirculation software.
              The testing index of the system can adjust according to the requirement of the clinical laboratory.
              Image acquisition: the pedal switch, mouse, keyboard.
              System image storage capacity: more than 400,000 pictures.The more capacity of the hard drive,the more storage.
              The video function: with the function of continuous video and movie playback.
              WindowsXP operating system, Chinese control interface, humanized design program.
              Unique dynamic filtering,provides high quality real-time dynamic observation, highlights nidus areas and increases the accuracy of diagnostic. It can collect 1 ~ 50 of color images everytime.
              Real-time dynamic image processing function: amplification, reduce images, freezing, video playback. manual focus, storage, reproduce, image processing, etc.
              Dynamic tracking, image acquisition and edit report synchronously.
              Pictures stored by JPEG, BMP general format,the pictures and the reports can be used without inputting them to the computer.They can also be converted to DICOM format.
              Professional medical records management system which can use fast file management and can backup medical record at any time.
              Users can modify the patient information and any other parameters freely.
              Can be used to measure the microcirculation parameters.
              Free upgrades lifetime.
              With real-time digital video recording which can be used separately and can make teaching software.
              Integrating observe acquisition, image processing, medical records management, case analysis, and report  printing.
              Multi-stage user management to ensure that privacy and security system.
              Many report format can be choosed,also can edit reports freely.
              A variety of software interface work available, and also can define interface freely.
              The original brand high configuration computer.
              The original photo level HP color ink-jet printer, which can print beautiful graphic card.
              The product has passed the CMD certification: the ISO 90001:2001 and ISO 13485:2003.
              The enterprise has registered 5 million.
              Above five medical university users.

              Xuzhou Zhonglian Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd © All rights reserved. ICP10109080
              Tel:86-0516-83887800 83887900 83888466 Fax:86-0516-83887800-511
              Add:Room 308,Technopark of University of Mining and Technology,Jiefang Road,Xuzhou,China Postcode:221008
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